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changing lives

impacting generations

Now more than ever, hundreds of thousands of teens are looking for hope and belonging in the Baltics, Belarus, Central Asia, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia and Moldova.
They ask the same questions teenagers around the world ask:
Who am I? Do I matter? What's in my future?

We love them, introduce them to Jesus — and disciple the next generation of leaders.

god is planting beauty in Middle EurAsia through young life.

Since launching thirty years ago in Russia, the Young Life ministry has grown into 11 countries, reaching thousands of kids with the message of hope. It has been challenging, given the persistently tumultuous political and economic climate in that part of the world. But we believe in God’s ability always to raise beauty in place of hurt and pain. And thousands upon thousands of transformed lives is the living proof of this miracle.

“I was tired of being a people pleaser and living in anger and resentment. I wanted to be better. I wanted to grow. And I wanted Jesus to be my role model. I now know that my decision to invite Him into my heart was the most important decision of my life.“

Dasha | camper

Our leaders are in love with jesus more than anything else.

This is what has always been at the center of our work. They are deeply rooted in God’s Word, committed to their calling, often giving up better-paying jobs and putting themselves at risk. And they tirelessly and boldly share His love with the kids.

Arman Asatryan

Lilit Asatryan

Sergei Romanyuk

Oleksandr Utkin

our impact

As you are reading this, a teen on the other side of the ocean sees hope as they find friendships and acceptance at the Young Life club. Or perhaps a high school student is learning about discipleship at their first Campaigners Bible Study. Or maybe it’s a DGL college graduate stepping into their calling by joining the Young Life staff. Every day, someone’s life is being impacted:




national staff


volunteer leaders


Developing Global Leaders


kids in discipleship groups every week


kids in outreach clubs every week

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We invite you to be part of this life-changing journey. It will transform your life and give the next kid in Young Life Middle EurAsia an opportunity to hear the best love story ever told.

share hope, change lives, impact a generation.

Young Life Middle EurAsia introduces teens in Armenia, Belarus, the Baltics, Central Asia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine to Jesus Christ and helps them grow in their faith.

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Partnering with us will give you unique opportunities to experience God’s gift of provision. We value thoughtful stewardship and accountability and will ensure your resources are directed toward the most critical needs.

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